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There are so many fantastic features of a handheld GPS system that making a decision on one is full of details. Weighing options, balancing pros and cons, and deciding what you need and what you can go without are all required to really ensure that you walk out of the store with the handheld GPS system of your dreams.

First of all, a handheld GPS system can be fairly cheap, depending on the features that you want. There are many models, in fact, that are priced below one hundred dollars. A handheld GPS system should fit comfortably in your hand. The bigger the device, the harder to handle it can become (not to mention heavier) so you dont want one that is uncomfortable or overly huge. If you are new to the world of GPS systems, try not to jump in head first with a mega system that will take you six months to read the manual for. There are plenty of incredible GPS devices that are not only chock full of features but are also very user friendly. Be sure not to bite off more than you can chew, because the most advanced units have so many features that you would need a novel to reference it all. If you have never gone fishing in your life, you probably would not need to pay for the features of a GPS fish finder combo, which has so many options it is incredible.

One of the greatest things about a handheld GPS system is that it is a very versatile companion. You can take it with you just about anywhere, and use it in the car, on a hike, on a tour of the Great Pyramid, or going on safari in Africa. The handheld device you are considering should be very practical and ready at your fingertips. Speaking of African safaris and Pyramid tours, be sure to pay attention to the resiliency of the handheld GPS systems that you are considering. Many of them are water and weather resistant, but some are not. Some are waterproof, but not others. Also, there is a handful that will float when dropped in water, but not all will. Take into consideration where you might use your new system the most, and go from there with options. Most handhelds are very durable, covered with a rubber outside to absorb shock if dropped.

Make sure to treat yourself to a handheld GPS system that you find attractive. Color, shape, size, and style are all very important. Many people enjoy a smooth, sleek design, allowing for easy storage in a purse or pocket, and other people prefer a bulkier design that is easy to hold on to. The handheld devices come in many different shapes, styles, and colors, so choose wisely. There are tons of accessories that can be purchased separately to customize your GPS system, so you can always check those out, too. Finally, a benefit of a handheld GPS system that cannot go under appreciated these days is the fact that handheld units are completely self contained. You are not required to use any converters, cords, or wires to operate a handheld GPS system, which adds to the lure of them. Take the time to explore the additional options that would entail using cords and wires and plugs, and decide if the benefit that a feature with wires would provide would be worth the hassle of dealing with the wires. If not, dont bother with extra accessories that will only complicate things for you.


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